Universal Coolers has been the exclusive distributor of European products since 2002.  10  pan Gelato case, is perfect for any bakery, deli, candy store. AGD-10 has a great sleek modern design that can help maximize profits. Ask about our 8 or 14 pan gelato case, at any local foodservice equipment dealer. Universal Coolers provides drop shipping directly from our factory.





chiller internal
dynamic cooling
Isolation of ecological polyurethane foam
wooden casing- Cherry wood
exhibition space with stainless steel containers prepared under VGN 2
worktop with stainless steel
aluminum anodized gold
telescopic lift system curved glass front
warm air on the glass front
Manual shutter (from side)
fluorescent lamp
leveling device
automatic defrosting
Automatic evaporation of condensate
electronic temperature recorder
electronic controller with digital temperature display
audible alarm indicating condenser impurity or fan operation